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Birgitte Ravndal


Birgitte Ravndal is a road race cyclist from Norway, with hopes and dreams of becoming the best! 

Birgitte is a talent, with an admirable attitude towards reaching her goals: "My life right now is almost all about cycling - My first priority! I want to do everything I can to be my best in cycling -therefore, I only work 50%, which means that social events/activities with friends and family, I sometimes have to make second priority!"

Birgitte's cycling career started with Triathlon, but she found cycling to be the most interesting, and started pursuing that "I did one Ironman 70.3 in Aarhus 2014. That was fun, but cycling was more appealing to me - more tactics, a lot of variety (speed, terrain, etc), more competitions and you can be at a team and achieve goals together. I love to train - and in cycling you can train a lot, and you can also see many new places in the world".


2020 - Stage Setmana Ciclista Valenciana - Vuelta Comunidad Valenciana Feminas
38th Place
2019 - Stage Ladies Tour of Norway
20th Place
2019 - National Championships Norway WE - Road Race
4th Place
2019 - EM in Alkmaar for Norway
2019 - Winner of 3 dage i Nord
1st Place