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Chris Anker Sørensen


Chris Anker Sørensen - also known as "Oksen fra Hammel" (The Ox from Hammel) is a danish former professional road race cyclist, with an impressive track record of results! His results count numerous victories and countless podium places, amongst these impressive achievements are: Tour de France, Giro d' Italia, Vuelta a España and winner of National Road Championships. 

He is amongst other things than his results, known for being the only person to have ever out-ridden a racehorse. 

In 2018 Chris Anker Sørensen announced that he would retire by the end of the season, which he did, to pursue other dreams. 

Chris now works as an expert commentator for TV2, where he provides professional insights to the sport, along with amusing anekdotes. 


2015 - Winner of Danish Championships
1st Place - Danish National Champion
2012 - Tour de France
14th Place
2012 - Winner of Most 'Attack Willing' rider of Tour de France
Winner of Le Prix de la combativité
2010 - Winner of Giro d' Italia, 8th stage
1st Place
2009 - Winner of Japan Cup
1st Place
Gallium Pro Disc, BLACK TO GREY FADE