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Christian Orry


Christian Orry is a gravel and adventure cyclist from Copenhagen. After a decade of doing bike races and triathlons in his spare time, he decided in the summer of 2019 to pursue his passion for gravel and long-distance cycling and make it his full time job.

He wants to discover the world on two wheels and sees most rides as a possibility to seek new adventures, never minding the surface. Even a short ride on a Tuesday afternoon, because there's always that little byway, you've always wondered where led to.

He is documenting his adventures and rides through films and blogs, writes articles, participates in podcasts, creates events, does group rides and acts as cycling coach in triathlon- and cycling clubs.

As long as there's two wheels and a pair of pedals involved, he's ready to go on an adventure.  


2018 - Fyn ITU Aquabike World Championships | 40-44 Male AG
8th Place
2017 - Herning ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships | 40-44 Male AG
42nd Place
Dark Matter, RED MATTE