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Jacob Lemholt


Jacob Lemholt is a 26 year old danish triathlete going all in on his career as to becoming his very best, and compeeting amongst the best. As a young teenanger, Jacob used to be very overweight, and therefore he had to start exercising, and surprisingly found a passion for doing so.

In 2015, after making a bet with some friends, Jacob ran his first marathon (Cph. Marathon). The year after, in 2016 he completed his first Ironman (Ironman Copenhagen) and he finished as number 3! 

Jacob had found a passin for keeping in shape and being competitive at the same time. Since his beginning, he has come a long way, and he is many results and experiences richer -amongst these: participation in Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2017 and 2018. 

For Jacob, it's not only the results that matter, quite the contrary - they are a result of his hard work, and most of all - the personal progression he is working on every single day to become his best. 

In August 2020 Jacob and his girlfriend Laura went on 'Tour of Scandinavia' - a cycling adventure where they got to experience beautiful Scandinavia from behind the handlebars of their Krypton bikes. 


2019 - Karrebæksminde Tri
7th Place
2019 - Lanzarote Vulcano Tri
8th Place
2018 - Ironman World Championships Hawaii
2017 - Ironman World Championships Hawaii