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Janette Dommer


Janette Dommer is a very successfull triathlete from Denmark. As a young teenager, Janette was far from sporty and not the slightest competitive. But after highschool, she started running and after a while, she completed a few marathons before meeting her very competitive husband, who also ran marathons. Together, they travelled Europe and participated in loads of marathons, whilst also having 4 children together. 

In 2011 with the initiative from her husband, Janette participated in her first Ironman - after that, Janette was bitten, and things spiralled from there. Today, she can look back at 4 podium places in Hawaii, whereas two are World Champion titles! amongst many other titles and podium places. 

In 2020 Janette started working as a personal trainer and dietitian at OOBlife. 

Janette is currently training towards Cph Ironman, Herlev tri, Karrabæksminde tri and Elsinore 70.3. 

We are very proud to have Janette as a part of the Argon 18 family, and we wish her the best of luck in pursuing her dreams!


2018 - Hawaii AG Overall World Champion Women
1st Place - World Champion Women
2018 - Hamburg Ironman AG
1st Place
2018 - 70.3 European Champion AG
1st Place - European Champion
Winner Cph Ironman
1st Place
Winner Barcelona Ironman
1st Place
Winner Hamburg Ironman
1st Place