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Malene Meyer


Malene is a 28 year old road cyclist from Denmark. 

She is currently studying to become a physiotherapist, and at the same time, she is furtunate enough to be able to work in Kaiser Sport while studying.

Malene has always been interested in sports and in using her body - therefore, she has tried a broad variety of disciplines within sports, such as: gymnastics, football, obstacle race running, and running in general. All have been sports where one really gets to use their body and push boundaries. 

Cycling caught her interest two years ago, when she broke her foot from running too much. She has now become addicted to cycling and loves long and hard rides with the Mikkeller Cycling Club on her Argon 18 Gallium Disc.

In 2021 she will be pushing herself to do a PowerMan Viborg Duathlon to see what magic cycling and running can do together. 

Whatever she sets her mind to achieve - we are excited to follow her along the way!