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Martin Toft Madsen


Martin Toft Madsen is a semi-professional road race cyclist from Denmark. With an impressive cycling track record, containing a variety of results, such as 3 x danish champion, 3rd fastest hour record, we are proud to have Martin Toft Madsen as one of our Argon 18 athletes. 

In 2009 Martin graduated as an engineer in physics and nanotechnology from DTU in Lyngby. While studying he started bike-riding and was quickly fascinated by time trial:

"Due to my education and obvious interest in the field of physics and nanotechnology, I found a passion for considering how to constantly look for 'buttons to alter' in regards to technology and my own training on the bike, in order to become faster - and get maximum speed from stepping in the pedals". 

Since Martin works full time on the side, he does not have the amount of time to put into cycling as a professional, therefore, he commutes from his apartment in Copenhagen to his workplace in Allerød about 30 km. north of Copenhagen, to get in the needed number of kilometers on the bike.

”I work full time as an engineer at FluiSense and race for the Danish continental team BHS – Almeborg Bornholm during the weekends. The trips to work and back are the primary part of my training – regardless of the weather. I do not have the time to ride with co-riders and competitors during the day. To get enough training I drive long detours instead. And I participate in all the races possible with my team".

Martin's hopes and dreams for the future is to win a Danish Championship in time trial and improve his placements in the European Championships and the World Championships. Furthermore, he dreams of improving his current distance on his hour-record - and maybe one day, he dreams of obtaining the world record! 


2019 - Winner of Post Nord 'Tour of Denmark' 2nd stage
1st Place
2018 - National Championships Denmark - ITT
1st Place - Danish Champion
2017 - National Championships Denmark - ITT
1st Place - Danish Champion
2017 - Winner of UCI 1.2 'Rent liv løbet' 2017
1st Place
2016 - National Championships Denmark - ITT
1st Place - Danish Champion
Holds the Danish hour record – and set the third longest distance in the world 2019
53.619 km.