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Oliver - Behind Handlebars


Oliver Emil Andersen, is a 28 year old bicycling explorer from Copenhagen, whom is documenting his life behind handlebars every day! A bicycle has always been an important aspect of Oliver's life and how he experiences his city, Copenhagen, and the decision to show Copenhagen from a perspective that is very Danish: from behind the handlebars, was therefore a natural way of documenting his life and his city.

Oliver's goal is to inspire people all around the globe to bike and use it as a tool for exploration and pleasure in their lives.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

With our passion to provide the best equipment for cyclists, whether it is chasing gold medals or exploring mountains, cities and creating memories, combined with Oliver's passion of ducumenting life behind handlebars - the connection and desire to join forces was mutual. 

Read about Olivers meeting with the Argon 18 team at our Lab & Store in Lynge here: MY NEW BIKE! - Behind Handlebars