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Rasmus Lund Pedersen


Rasmus Lund Pedersen won the world championship in the 4,000-meter team pursuit in 2020 and is holding the world record with 3.44,672 minutes with the Danish National Track Cycling Team. Now his and his teammates' goal is to win an Olympic medal in Tokyo this year.

Rasmus got into cycling in the winter of 2007. Driven by the fascination his father showed while he was glued to the television screen when the Dane Michael Rasmussen was about to win the Tour De France, Rasmus begged his father to help him get a cycle, so he could start riding. While Rasmus says he first wasn't sure if it's just a phase, he took part in his first race the next year, constantly got better and better and moved up in the youth ranks. When he got to the u19 years, he was already a big part of the Danish National Youth Team. Winning both a bronze medal in the 2015 World Road Championship for u19 in Richmond, and a couple of wins in the u19 Nations Cup. 

But the next year, as a second year junior he lost his passion for cycling. He stopped. 
Rasmus tried other sports, like American football, football and strength training. During the two years off the bike he gained muscle mass from the different kind of training.


In the summer of 2018 Rasmus' former national track coach - Casper Jørgensen asked if he wouldn't try and give cycling another shot - and at the same time,  because of injuries, they needed someone to fill out a spot on the mens 4 k team pursuit, at the European Championship in Glasgow. And so began Rasmus' return to the sport. 

Now, 3 years later, Rasmus has won multiple Track World Cups, an European Championship, a World Championship and the World record. Together with his teammates he is striving to bringing home some gold for Denmark.

At the moment Rasmus rides the E-118 Tri + Disc in order to prepare himself for the position on the Electron Pro. For him it's important to get as comfortable as possible in the aero position - training and developing his skills in what is normally and unnatural position for him. With similar dimensions and an exact fit, the training on the E-118 Tri+ Disc is the perfect solution for mirroring the position on the track bike to the road bike and address and train that position.

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2020 - UCI Track World Championship
1st place - World Champion Team Pursuit
2019 - UCI Track World Championship
3rd place Team Pursuit
2019 - UEC European Track Championship
1st place Team Pursuit
2018/2019 - UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Berlin
2nd place Team Pursuit
2018/2019 - UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Milton
1st place Team Pursuit
2018/2019 - UCI Track Cycling World Cup, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
1st place Team Pursuit