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Stefan Djurhuus


Stefan Djurhuus is a former Professional Road Racing Cyclist from Denmark. 

Stefan began his career in 2003, and as he describes it, he wasn't the biggest talent to be spotted amongst the crowd. However, it took two years for him to cross the finishline amongst the best - thanks to his will-power - and after all: talent! Stefan raced for 16 years, and is thankful to have been competing with the best of the best, and to have had the best equipment at his service during his professional years. 

In 2017 Stefan started Veloropa Podcast along with Kim Plesner og Claus Elming - which is now one of the most popular sports podcasts in Denmark. 


2017 - GP Horsens Posten
7th Place
2017 - National Championships Denmark - Road Race
19th Place
2016 - Amager Cykel Rings A-løb
1st Place
Slagelses A-løb 2016
1st Place
2016 GP Horsens Posten
3rd Place
2015 - Amager Cykel Rings A-løb
1st Place