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Argon 18 Road Bikes


Innovative, balanced, and strikingly different, Argon 18 bikes are built around the cyclist, with handling, aerodynamics and human performance at the core of the design. Explore our full lineup here.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter Campagnolo Ekar Edt.
E-117 Tri
E-117 Tri Disc
E-118 Tri+ Disc
E-119 Tri
E-119 Tri+
E-119 Tri+ Disc
Electron Pro
Electron Pro Pursuit TKO
Electron Pro Sprint TKO
Gallium CS Disc
Gallium Disc
Gallium Pro
Gallium Pro Disc
Krypton CS
Krypton GF
Krypton GF IST
Krypton Pro
Nitrogen Disc
Subito E-Gravel
Subito E-Road