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Subito E-Gravel

40.775 DKK

Starting Price

As a gravel rider, you're already looking for the next great escape, and searching out new roads at every turn. Lightweight, rugged, and ready to roll, the Subito eGravel lets you amp up your next adventure.

Available summer 2020.



Your Power Outlet

For those who live to go out of bounds, get ready to set new limits with the Subito eGravel. Get that first kick through the washboard up a climb, or extra jump through muddy ruts. Stable ride quality from a longer wheelbase, dropped chainstays and clearance for 650x47C tires offer you the confidence to take the road less travelled. Just like our endurance models, the handling components have been tuned to offer a precise and predictable riding experience, to carve your way down a descent with confidence, on smooth or rougher roads.

Ideal for

Those looking to bring a little bit of lively to the woods or a little extra clout to the dirt.

Argon 18


Argon Fit System

Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning.


For our newest generation of bikes, we wanted to push our 3D System even further by merging it seamlessly with the frame.

Topological Compliance System (TCS)

To achieve the optimal balance of comfort and performance for our endurance line, we needed geometry uniquely aligned with the demands of long-distance riding and racing. In conjunction with the best geometry, we also needed to optimise frame topology and carbon layup.


Argon 18