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Subito E-Road

39.672 DKK

Starting Price

Responsive, agile, and with impeccable handling, this is a performance road bike first and e-bike second - when you want that added rush.



Makes sense. Prolongs life.

The passion for riding and racing does not evaporate with age. It feels so intense. You just want to hold on to it and feel it forever. You do not want to step down - because passion has no age. Subito makes sense. Prolongs life.

With a sub-12kg bike that handles, fits, and responds at the top of its class, it may provide all that even without the assistance of the motor. But if you want that bit of extra tailwind, it’s ready for you.


- Ebikemotion X35+ System: features a 36V/250W hub motor installed in the rear wheel, with maximum torque at 40NM and maximum assistance speed 25km/h. 

- Battery: 250Wh internal battery capacity that gives you approximately 75km of use, depending on the level of assistance, rider drag, and altitude gain. 250Wh range extender can be purchased separately and doubles the possible range

- Integrated Battery and Cable Routing: Clean Design that considers user access and maintenance.

- Clean Integration of the HMI:  The button used for the control of the motor is neatly integrated into the extension of the 3D+ cap.

- Tire size: 700x40C or 650Bx47C

- BB Standard: PF 86 with easy access through the BB access port.

Argon 18 Subito Passion has no age



For our newest generation of bikes, we wanted to push our 3D System even further by merging it seamlessly with the frame.

Argon Fit System

Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning.

Topological Compliance System (TCS)

To achieve the optimal balance of comfort and performance for our endurance line, we needed geometry uniquely aligned with the demands of long-distance riding and racing. In conjunction with the best geometry, we also needed to optimise frame topology and carbon layup.