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Electron Pro Pursuit TKO

49.450 DKK

Starting Price

With revolutionary aerodynamics, massive stiffness, and precision positioning through a remodeled cockpit, the Electron Pro TKO Pursuit delivers knockout power to the track’s strongest riders. 



Knockout Power

Designed for the Tokyo Olympics, the new Electron Pro TKO Pursuit is the result of over 4500 hours of engineering - design, modelling and testing - in a development partnership between Argon 18, Cycling Australia, Zipp, Monash University and the University of Adelaide. With 2% stiffness increase at BB and 9% torsional stiffness increase compared to Electron Pro RIO Pursuit, the Electron Pro TKO Pursuit is a powerhouse ready for the most aggressive moves on the track. 

With its revolutionarily aero front profile, optimized tube shapes and aggressive geometry, the Electron Pro is designed to optimize every possible advantage and grab every fraction of a second. 

Ideal for: 

Pursuit and endurance track racers looking for the most advanced engineering to match their performance output. 


Argon 18 Electron Pro TKO Pursuit


Track Geometry

Track bikes are meant to do one thing (very) well: turn maximum power output into results.

Pro Level Layup

We leave no room for compromise when we build bikes for the most demanding and passionate cyclists.

Argon Fit System

Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning.

Oneness 3.0

Our collaboration with Mat Steinmetz from 51 Speedshop for the redesign of the E-119 Tri+ Disc cockpit resulted in a fit-first approach to provide maximum versatility and adjustability – and a focus on aero optimization of the rider’s position. Quite simply, the most aerodynamic frame possible won’t help if the rider cannot maintain the aero profile for a long race, such as a full Ironman. While our new bar can achieve a +5 cm.


24 mm
BSA English