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E-119 Tri+

49.766 DKK

Starting Price

The full pro package: premium aero performance, lightweight layup, integrated hydration and nutrition, and a will to win.



The Ultimate Ironman Weapon

Our top-of-the-line Ironman offering, the E-119 Tri+ was designed with every facet of rider performance at the forefront. Find your perfect position with our fully integrated Oneness concept handlebar, which offers significant headset adjustment, optimal aerodynamic positioning, and more than 30 configuration options between the rocker, spacers and the option to flip the base bar. Aero advantage is assured with accessories like our Tailwind rear-mounted storage system that actually decreases drag, as well as our hidden brakes, including the proprietary cam-pulled rear brake. Race-day reality was our focus throughout the development of this bike: usability is assured with a cockpit designed for easy removal during travel.

Ideal for

Our pro-level offering for the committed, full-distance IM athlete looking for the ultimate aero advantage.

Argon 18 tri



With its streamlined handlebar and fully integrated stem, Argon 18’s Oneness cockpit has a significant impact on the aerodynamic efficiency of our integrated triathlon bikes.

Argon Fit System

Argon Fit System is designed to provide riders of all sizes with consistent performance and optimal positioning.

Triathlon and TT Geometry

Tri and TT bikes are focused on aero performance, and the geometry reflects this. To allow the rider to achieve an aggressive aero position, the geometry is designed to put the rider in a more forward position.

Pro Level Layup

We leave no room for compromise when we build bikes for the most demanding and passionate cyclists.


26 mm
28 mm
Argon 18