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BLOG LIST story 2020/10/22, 02:10

Behind Tungesvik's Norwegian 200km ITT Record

Despite bad weather, World champion in Xtreme Triathlon and winner of Norseman 2019, Hans Christian Tungesvik smashed the 35-year-old Norwegian 200km time trial record. In 4h 49m 01s / 41,7 km/h!

The culmination of 3 months of meticulous preparations. A project that should make up for an otherwise miserable 2020, which for Hans Christian has been characterized by Corona and injuries.

Go behind the scenes before, under, and after the impressing effort.

Hans Christian's #RoadToNormal

The record attempt was the way Hans Christian Tungesvik tried to keep motivated despite Covid-19 has canceled almost all triathlon competitions. This was Hans Christian Tungesvik’s #RoadToNormal. 

Read more about Hans Christian's motivation behind the record.