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BLOG LIST story 2020/06/17, 07:06

Bike To Go – Last Year’s Models at Reduced Prices

Cycling has changed radically. New – and more – riders are on the road, in the woods and everywhere in between. New online buying habits are challenging the local bike shops, while the global market wins the customers due to low prices. 

Argon 18 Nordic meets the challenge and insists on giving professional and proper guidance, locally in the cycling shops – not only online on static websites. This important customer service combined with our high-end product, gives us and our retailers a strong base for the future.

We call it Click & Collect @Retailer.

Bike To Go - the Sustainable Answer

The seasons are changing fast and new products are being launched in a gentle stream. Current bikes are outdated overnight and dumped in price - this gives a big reduction in the bike retailer's profits. At Argon 18 Nordic, we do not want to pull the rug under our retailers and dump the prices.

Bike To Go is our sustainable answer to this challenge. Bike To Go is last year's colors and models. Bikes that a few months ago were good enough to win on the World Tour… Which they will also be able to do today - now the price is just lower as new colors are added to the line-up.

This shall not go beyond our retailers why they are guaranteed the same profit on Bike To Go bikes as on brand new bikes. This ensures their survival.

We think this is most fair and to everyone's delight!

Bike2Go Summer ‘20

We have built 4 Bike To Go models for this summer: two high-performance road bikes and two endurance bikes.

The Gallium Classic and Gallium Pro are ready to challenge the steep climbs and take a sprint-win to the city sign. These go-to bikes for many of our athletes and teams, because of its versatility and race feeling. A bike that was a big part of Team Astana’s many World Tour victories in 2019.

Gallium Pro - Bike to Go

Gallium Pro Build:

  • Frame: Gallium Pro
  • Gear Group: Shimano Ultegra Di2
  • Wheels: Vision Team 30

Bike To Go Price: 3,600 EUR / 28,000 DKK / 38,000 SEK / 38,800 NOK
Normal Price:  5,625 EUR /  42,000 DKK / 61,586 SEK / 63,341 NOK

Note that the illustrated bike does not match the Bike2Go configuration.

Gallium Classic, BLACK/RED
Gallium Classic - Bike to Go

Gallium Classic Build:

  • Frame: Gallium Classic
  • Gear Group: Shimano 105 R7000
  • Wheels: Vision Team 30

Bike To Go Price: 2,000 EUR / 15,000 DKK (NB! Only for sale in Denmark)
Normal Price: 3,100 EUR / 23,000 DKK

Note that the illustrated bike does not match the Bike2Go configuration.

The Krypton CS and Krypton GF is our endurance bikes, that’s the obvious choice for a gran fondo challenge. The Krypton platform has been granted with’s ‘Frameset of the Year Award 2019/2020’ and the top-model Krypton Pro took ‘Best in Test’ in front of 12 other capable high-end bike brands in Gran Fondo Cycling Magazine’s 2020-test.

Krypton GF - Bike to Go

Krypton GF Build:

  • Frame: Krypton GF
  • Gear Group: Shimano Ultegra 
  • Wheels: DT Swiss E 1800

Bike To Go Price: 3,400 EUR / 25,500 DKK / 35,900 SEK / 36,700 NOK
Normal Price:  3,747 EUR /  28,000 DKK / 41,037 SEK / 42,207 NOK

Note that the illustrated bike does not match the Bike2Go configuration.

Krypton CS - Bike to Go

Krypton CS Build:

  • Frame: Krypton CS
  • Gear Group: Shimano 105 R7000 
  • Wheels: Vision Trimax 30 Disc

Bike To Go Price: 2,400 EUR / 18,000 DKK / 25,400 SEK / 25,900 NOK
Normal Price:  2,543 EUR / 19,000 DKK / 27,847 SEK / 28,640 NOK

Note that the illustrated bike does not match the Bike2Go configuration.

Support your Local Retailer

Our retailers are guaranteed the same profit when you buy a Bike To Go bike whether you buy it online or locally at the retailer. So, you can choose whether you order online and pick up locally from the retailer or visit the retailer and have him help you order the right bike for your needs.