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BLOG LIST story 2020/05/22, 09:05

Birgitte Ravndal / Road to Normal

COVID-19 restrictions have started to ease and in some countries in southern Europe people are stepping outside for the first time in months. The situation has given us all the time to reflect on, what is most important to us and to reconnect with the people, that are closest to our hearts. For many cyclists this also means appreciating being able to enjoy life outside, away from the daily stress. To ride shoulder by shoulder with one's best buddies has never felt this good. 

We’ve met with Norwegian professional road cyclist from our Argon 18 family, Birgitte Ravndal, who, fortunately, has not been as badly affected by COVID-19 as many other European cyclists, which has meant that she has had the opportunity to recover from a knee injury and sharpen her shape for the season to start again - stronger than ever before.

At Argon18 Nordic, we make sure to #StayWillingTogether. Therefore we are bringing a series of stories from our Argon18 Nordic family on how to stay willing during these times. 

We hope to motivate and inspire ongoing training and cycling. 


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