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BLOG LIST story 2020/07/02, 01:07

Break Away Into The Wild – The Joys of Gravel Cycling

Why has gravel cycling spread like a tsunami, pulling both road cyclists and triathletes, away from the monotony of the tarmac and out, where there are tranquility and lots of breathtaking experiences?

Elisabeth Kellerer explains what made her want to Break Away Into The Wild.


From Triathlon to Gravel Cycling

Within the past years, I grew into being very passionate about triathlons as they combine all sports I’ve ever loved. First jumping into cold waters, losing myself in wild open waters, then pushing watts on the bike, and finally running my heart out. There’s something very special about combining these three sports and the long distances triathlon offers. 

During last year’s November however, I was introduced to gravel cycling – and have barely touched my road and TT bike since then. And that even though my mileage increased. Whenever my wheels leave the tarmac and touch the gravel grounds, I still wonder how I even managed to live without this pure joy gravel cycling brought into my life.


Gravel – what’s all the fuzz about?

Swap your 23mm road wheels for 40mm gravel wheels, keep your drop bars, turn off your Garmin and discover places you’ve never seen before.

Expand your abilities. Realize a 1x gear is all you need. Learn how to bunny hop. Find peace in the sound of gravel under your wheels. Feel like a happy little kid on flow trails. Carry your bike more than you actually like to. Get lost on a daily dose. And with that getting lost, find so much of who you truly are. 

To me, gravel means happiness. Because it’s always there. No matter the weather. No matter the streets. I don’t need streets, I don’t need data and I don’t need a plan.

After years of following a strict training schedule, gravel has given me more freedom but also a stronger body and mind.

It helps me break away into the wild – while breaking away from daily stress, expectations about myself, and work-life.

It has lit a fire for adventures and a passion for dirt, it made me see and experience more and it gave me long lost confidence in myself and my abilities. Gravel brings you back to the basics, makes you realize it’s not the fanciest gear that makes cycling as much fun as it is.

It’s really just about being outside and living life.

My Gravel Companion

With my new Argon 18 Dark Matter, the gravel fun gets lifted on an even higher level. The super-lightweight carbon frame makes every hike-a-bike an easy one – even when it’s just the daily carry up and down my staircase.

The frame is also very responsive and super-fast on climbs as well as on downhills; you simply get out what you put into it.

Its geometry makes it a fun bike for all distances on all-terrain, giving speed on tarmac and gravel roads and stability and control on trails.

The Shimano GRX Di2 rounds this bike up and makes it an absolute dream build that gives me a confident feeling even on steeper downhill trails. 

Have you tried gravel cycling before?

If not, do it. Really. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. 

Dark Matter, SAND GLOSS