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BLOG LIST story 2019/04/10, 08:04

The First Performance Indicator

The road to La Marmotte is long. To be able to plan the training, months in advance, it’s important to make some milestones, some performance indicators. In January, the group did the first performance test in United Cycling.

A cycling community supported by Sunweb, Argon 18 and United Cycling. Cycling with a common goal: La Marmotte; 174 km in the French Alps with four of the most legendary Tour de France mountains. July 2019.


The Rule of Thumb

Training for a race like La Marmotte is a long journey. You have to start your training early, during the winter, to ride enough kilometers before race start. Depending on your goal, the golden rule of thumb is, that it’s recommended with +4,000 kilometers in the book from January to race start in July.

It’s a good idea to structure the training and have a proper development in the training load to ensure continuous development in your form.

This implies that you know your current level, so you know where to start your training and how big a training load you can cope with. This is done via a performance test.

20 Minutes All Out

In January, the group visited the Wattbike Center in United Cycling Lab & Store in Lynge to perform the first performance test. A 20 minutes all-out test, where the riders got a clear overview of their fitness level (VO2 max) and how many watts, they are able to put into the pedals (FTP).

Two indicators that makes it possible for the riders to plan their training and have benchmark to compare with, when they in May will perform the second performance test – to get to know if the training is working and is improving the fitness level.

> More about Wattbike sessions in United Cycling.

Professional Help

Those of the riders, who are not keen on planning their own training, are recommended to get professional help from a personal coach, who have great experience with La Marmotte.

We are in United Cycling teamed up with one of the best coaching teams in the cycling business: AimHigh lead by former Astana coach, Rune Larsen. Rune has guided several hundreds of cyclists towards La Marmotte. He has thorough knowledge about what it takes to reach the finish line – both in top 5, but also for recreational riders, who just want to finish the race.

> More info about Rune Larsen and AimHigh.

Let the Training Begin

The general impression after the test was as expected. Everybody has a fitness level well above average. But the runners were lacking in watt-outputs. It was clear, that the runners couldn’t put as many watts into the pedals as the more trained cyclists. They need to adapt the muscular system to cycling. This is simply done by using more time on the bike than in the running shoes. But as mentioned in the previous post, many of the runners will first focus on the cycling training after Copenhagen Marathon May 12th.

By that not said, that they won’t spend any time at the bike leading up to the marathon – they will, for sure. But with focus on running.Time will tell whether the lack of focus on the bike will backfire …