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BLOG LIST story 2018/12/17, 08:12

Five Pro Winter Tips

Lars Michaelsen is a former professional rider.  For more than 14 years he has been riding for Team CSC, Festina, TVM and Française des Jeux. He is now sports director at Astana Pro Team.

Lars Michaelsen is known and respected for his results and abilities in the spring classics. He won Gent-Wevelgem in 1995 and finished 5th in Paris-Roubaix 2002.

It was in the harsh Danish winters that Lars Michaelsen founded his spring fitness. Because of that he has a lot of experience in what it takes to get through the winter months. 

Here are his five pro winter tips!


Lars Michaelsen's Five Winter Pro Tips


#1 Set Up Your Road Bike for the Winter

Nothing can spoil a winter ride like fixing a puncture with ice-cold fingers. Avoid punctures with a pair of solid tires. A pair of tight-fitting mudguards with extensions at the bottom are priceless on wet days. First of all, they will ensure that you don’t get wet from road spray. And you do your fellow riders a favor by not sprinkling them with water.

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#2 Increase Your Visibility

Make sure you are visible in the dark. Mount reflective stickers on the front, the back and the crank. And use visible cycling clothing with reflective details on the moving parts.


#3 Keep Your Hands Warm With Lobster gloves

Keeping hands and fingers warm is a well-known problem for all winter cyclists. The answer to that challenge is a pair of three-fingered lobster gloves, where the fingers can keep each other warm. 


#4 Bring an Extra Dry Base Layer

If you plan to stop for coffee bring an extra base layer in a plastic bag, so you can change for a dry one when you stop. You will avoid getting cold and feel a lot more comfortable when you click back into the pedals.


#5 Wash Your Bike Immediately After Training

Do yourself a favour.  Wash your bike immediately after your training session – before you hit the shower. It’s a lot easier to get out the next day when your bike is clean and ready to ride.


Lars Michaelsen

  • Job: Sports Director at Pro Team Astana
  • Results: Winner of Gent Wevelgem 1995, Tour of Qatar 2005, 5th in Paris-Roubaix 2002 and winner of 1st stage in Vuelta a España 1997
  • Teams: Team CSC, Festina, TVM and Française des Jeux

Photos: Peter Ebro // Argon 18 Nordic