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BLOG LIST story 2020/09/10, 08:09

Hans Christian Tungesvik Will Break the Norwegian Record on 200km

When Covid-19 has cancelled pretty much all triathlon competitions all over the world, Hans Christian Tungesvik tries to keep motivated and fight himself back from an injury in May.

On September 27th he will try to beat the Norwegian record on 200km. This is Hans Christian Tungesvik’s #RoadToNormal. 

Hans Christian is in this blog post explaining his thoughts and motivation behind the record attempt.

A Challenging 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. From the looks of it, mine has been interesting and challenging in different ways than for others. Ups and downs, progress and step backs, good news and bad news.

They are all part of life, and for most people, there has unfortunately been more of the latter ones in 2020 than normally.

For me personally, Covid-19 hasn’t really impacted the daily training routine too much. The racing and travelling have been excluded, but the daily grind still goes on. Additionally, I have actually been lucky to align the worldwide pandemic and my first serious injury to happen at the same time.

As competitions has been close to non-existing, so has my fear of missing out on all the race fun. It also provided time to be patient about my recovery, even though I obviously haven’t been patient enough.

2020 Season Highlights

- March 3rd - Flying to Mallorca for 10 weeks of training camp
- March 15th - All time high fitness on bike and run
- March 19th - Forced to return to Norway due to COVID-19
- April 5th - Deciding to do a PB marathon attempt
- April 28th - Training PBs on bike and run
- May 10th - PB Marathon: 2.32:40
- May 15th - MRI scan show a upper tibial stress fracture
- June 20th - PB 3.000m run on crutches: 16:54
- Junes 21st - First bike session since fracture
- July 20th - First run since fracture
- July 26 - Fallback on the injury
- August 10th - Back on the bike again
- August 23rd - Planned 200km TT Norwegian Record Attempt
- September 27th - 200km TT Norwegian Record Attempt 

Lastly, it has given me the opportunity to really get to know the wet element. Swimming, aquajogging, kayaking and bathing have been my main activities this summer.

A total distance of 400km has been covered doing watersports this summer. 

16.54 on 3k run on crutches stands out as the highlight of 2020.

It would be a shame if this stands out as the highlight of the season. So, to give this rollercoaster of a season a chance to end on a high note, I have been planning one last project.


Norwegian Record Attempt 200K Time Trial

The project is as follows:

  • September 27th, 7 am
  • Bispeveien, Revetal, Norway
  • Current record: 4h54m16s, 40.8kph average speed

The Perfect Challenge

This project is in many different ways the perfect one in my current situation:

  1. It fits very well into my non-running regime these days.
  2. It gives me a real sense of purpose in my training, and a goal to put my focus on.
  3. It’s a goal that really motivates me.
  4. It gives me the opportunity to put more time and effort into aerodynamics, also for future gains.
  5. It builds bike fitness for the 2021 season.

I am extremely excited to finally enter racing mode again, to start feeling like a proper athlete, and prepare 100% physically and mentally for this challenge.

I have great partners teaming up to support me in every way possible, and I look forward to attack the record with them by my side.

Head Down – Let’s Push!”

Hans Christian Tungesvik's Setup

  • Bike: Argon18 E-118 Tri+
  • Front wheels: HED Vanquish 8 
  • Rear wheel: HED Vanquish Aero Disc 
  • Tires: Vittoria Corsa Speed TLR G 2.0 25mm
  • Tubes: Vittoria Latex
  • Bottle: Elite Crono CX
  • Powermeter: Shimano R9100P Crank Power Meter
  • Hub bearings: CeramicSpeed Wheel Kit
  • Crank bearings: CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket
  • Pulley wheels: CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheels
  • Computer: Garmin Edge 520 Plus
  • Saddle: Prologo Dimension 143 CPC
  • Chainrings: PCD Classic 54/39T
  • Casette: Shimano Ultegra 11-28
  • Armrests: Drag2Zero Flat Arm Rest
  • Suit: Trimtex Customized Aero Speedsuit
  • Shoes: Shimano RC900 S-PHYRE
  • Shoe covers: Trimtex Aero Shoecovers
  • Helmet: Lazer Victor