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BLOG LIST story 2020/04/28, 10:04

Krypton Pro: Winner of 'Best in Test' in the prestigious Gran Fondo Magazine

In the latest issue of the prestigious online magazine Gran Fondo, our Krypton Pro won the 'Best in Test' amongst 13 other prominent bike brands.

The Krypton Pro entered the test as an underdog to the rest of the well-known brands it was tested against. However, the Krypton Pro surprised the whole test team with its coherent and purposeful performance and hereby raises the bar for road bikes.

Read the Test

As a result: it is the deserved winner of the Gran Fondo Magazine 'Best in Test' 2020!

Read the test here:

"Amongst all the advantages of this amazing bike, its biggest strength is that it doesn't show any weaknesses. The Argon 18 Krypton Pro ends up being the bike that the test team behind Gran Fondo could recommend to anyone and everyone"