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BLOG LIST story 2020/08/21, 08:08

Meet the Krypton Family

The Krypton line features classic endurance bikes with race pedigree: stable and comfortable rides with a relaxed rider position while keeping true to Argon 18’s performance heritage.

In the following you can explore the Krypton Family; Krypton Pro, Krypton GF and Krypton CS - 3 extremely versatile bikes with each their special features to make them unique and ready to fulfill different rider's needs.

The multi award-winner
The definition of endurance
The obvious Gran Fondo bike

Krypton Pro; The Multi Award Winner

Krypton Pro is our multi-award-winning road bike that has been granted with ‘Frameset of the Year’ award by the British magazine and ‘Best in test’ by the prestigious Gran Fondo Magazine

This is the Gran Fondo champion and king of the classics - especially when the roads get rough.
A road-hungry endurance bike with the will to win, the Krypton Pro matches all-day comfort with a lightweight layup and impeccable handling.

"Amongst all the advantages of this amazing bike, its biggest strength is that it doesn't show any weaknesses. The Argon 18 Krypton Pro ends up being the bike that the test team behind Gran Fondo could recommend to anyone and everyone”. - Gran Fondo Magazine 

Core Technologies

At Argon 18 we are continuously developing new technologies to make our bikes lighter, faster, safer and more integrated for everyone. Argon 18 bikes are known for their ride quality, contemporary design, and high performance – for top pros, local circuit champions, and everyday riders alike. 

The Krypton line comes with our endurance geometry, which balances the need for pedaling efficiency alongside comfort and performance over long distances.

The Krypton line also comes with a fully integrated 3D+ system, which provides handling and stiffness and three headtube extension heights. 

Our modular cable console is also to be found on the Krypton bikes. This is designed for both electronic (wireless or wired) and mechanical groupsets. Our system allows for user-friendly cable routing for maximum shifting and braking efficiency.

Read more about the different technologies here

Krypton GF; the obvious Gran Fondo Bike

Krypton GF is the bike for those that want to get out there and ride their heart out on a high performance bike that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

The speedy Krypton GF is the obvious choice for the performance seeking rider -  a very versatile bike, that we call 'The Obvious Gran Fondo bike'. A bike that’s comfortable enough to ride for +8 hours in the mountains and with great handling and braking capabilities on the descents. 

The fork is designed around Argon 18’s Topological Compliance System (TCS). It is designed to dampen the vibration from the ground, and hereby provides a very smooth feel without sacrificing the handling of the bike.

"The Krypton GF is the perfect allrounder. I would recommend Krypton GF to riders, who like to race, and wants a solid road race bike. But also to riders who would like to explore gravel and forest roads, when they feel like it."

Krypton CS; The definition of endurance

The Krypton CS is an extremely versatile bike that's ready for anything. This is the bike for the rider who just wants to ride, ride, ride, and ride – without breaking the bank! 

Krypton CS is built on our endurance geometry. Some of the key features of endurance geometry include a longer headtube for a more upright position, engineered to be easier on the back and shoulders for long days on the road; greater tire clearance for more confident handling and comfort.

The Krypton CS also comes with our cyclosportif layup, which has the same carbon layup as our pro-level models as well as performance-oriented handling and ride quality.

A bike will take you anywhere and gives you confident handling, road-dampening comfort, and an endless appetite for all-day adventure. The Krypton CS is for the explorer who doesn’t stop when the roads get less familiar.

Comfortable yet race-ready

The Krypton line comes with our endurance geometry, which provides a longer headtube for a more upright position, greater tire clearance for more confident handling and comfort; tweaked headtube and raked fork to adjust our hallmark precision handling to that wider tire size windows; longer wheelbase for increased stability; and a lower bottom bracket, again for increased stability. 

For our newest generation of frames, we wanted to push our 3D System further by merging it seamlessly with the frame. The fully integrated 3D+ system has become an essential characteristic of our Endurance and Gravel frames. It delivers all the handling and stiffness benefits of the original 3D system in a streamlined version, offering three head tube extension heights for every frame size: 0mm, 15mm and 30mm. This provides a proven stiffness gain of 5% at 15mm and 11% at 30mm, as compared to traditional spacers. It also allows larger fit windows (60mm of stack adjustment compared with 30 for a traditional setup). As well, the frame integration offers an aero benefit over our traditional 3D System, smoothing the airflow over the handlebar.

New Colors

The riders in this story, are riding older, discontinued Argon 18 models which have been updated for 2021. 

See them below.