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BLOG LIST story 2021/03/26, 10:03

New Normal or Road to Normal?

During trying times around the world, where the everyday lives of people have changed, and the ways in which athletes train and stay willing, it depends on their methods to keep their motivation going, even when there are no competitions to train towards.  

We are bringing a series of stories from our Argon 18 family on how to stay willing on the road to normal. We hope to motivate and inspire ongoing training.  
The Danish Triathlete, Tobias Dahl Thomsen will in the following post, let us into how the current situation around the world has affected his plans for 2021, and how he stays motivated and on track -  read his inspiring story on how to keep focused and enjoy training without any competition in the near future.  

This is Tobias’ #RoadToNormal. 

New Normal - What does normal actually means to me?

The last year has been like no other in most people’s lives. It has turned everything upside down but anyway most have adjusted our lives and now live in a “new normal” where it is difficult to imagine how the world was before. 

For me COVID-19 really turned around my life. From being a full-time International Business student at CBS with several classes a day to studying online was a huge difference. Even though, it took some time to adjust to the “new normal” with online and recorded school, it was a surprisingly good thing for my life in triathlon.  

The opportunity of being more flexible and allowing me to study in between training sessions, has made it possible to be consistent with a volume of between 25-30 hours of actual training a week most of the past year. 

The joy of hard training

When our training-group from KTK86 realized that 2020 would be a year of almost no racing, we quickly decided to use the year to develop, stay consistent and have fun.  

A “normal” year would have races all around the world, so we would not be able to train together as much as we have been able to in the past year.  

I started triathlon mostly training alone, so the dynamics of a group has really made me realize how important it is to have someone to train with. 

The new normal also allowed me to think more of what actually motivated me. I realized that my motivation actually just comes from having fun and see what can be achieved.  

I have experienced that when I just have a feeling of relaxation and not feel any pressure to perform, I thrive the most. Though, the best type of training session is still the one that hurt the most both mentally and physically – and I get exactly that feeling, when training with the KTK86 group. Sometimes it feels more like racing than training. But it’s fun. We are pushing each other, and we are getting stronger every week. 

Racing in sight

For now, I am about two months away from finishing my bachelor’s degree and afterwards I am going to enjoy some time only having the sport on my mind.  

2021 will bring a lot more training and hopefully some races. However, my plan is to stay under the radar for the moment and see what the future holds.  

One thing is for sure though – I am going to ride the Argon 18 E-118 Tri+ Disc as much as possible.