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BLOG LIST story 2021/01/07, 12:01

Official A18 Clothing Collection

Good news for all Argon 18 fans. Our new official clothing collection is now available online.

You'll find the full collection here.

Simply Nordic

The clothing is inspired by the new 2021 bike collection. Colors and artwork. With a simple, Nordic touch.

The collection consists of 3 race jerseys, 1 all-black bib tight, and 2 streetwise caps.

Handmade in Italy

The collection is fully crafted by hand in Italy by Parentini, which since 1976 have developed technical cycling clothing at a very high level. Just like any other Argon 18 product.

Parentini's workshop is located in Capanne, Tuscany. In a time where more and more manufacturers are moving their production facilities to the East in search of cheap labor.

Parentini remains true to their roots, set in Tuscany - a region known for being the true cradle of cycling.

Shop the new clothing here: