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BLOG LIST story 2021/12/22, 08:12

One More Year with One of the World’s Best Junior Teams

Argon 18 is proud to announce that our collaboration with Team Roskilde Junior will continue through 2022. The team is often referred to as one of the world’s best junior teams, having supported a myriad of world-class riders over the years, many of whom graced podiums at World Championships and at the Olympics.

The team is referred to as one of the world’s - throughout history - absolutely best junior teams, which has raised a myriad of world-class riders who have won lots of medals at both the World Championships and at the Olympics.

The team can boast several prominent alumni like elite world champion on the road Mads Pedersen, world and Olympic champions on the track Lasse Norman Hansen, Julius Johansen, Rasmus Lund and Frederik Rodenberg, Junior world champion on the road, Jacob Egholm and Junior world TT champion, Mikkel Bjerg. To this impressive list can be added more notable names: Mikkel Frølich Honoré, Jonas Gregaard, Emil Vinjebo, Nicklas Larsen and Casper Folsach.

Fitting Session in Argon 18 Lab & Store

Team Roskilde Junior visited Argon 18 in Denmark in October, to be fit on their new team bikes.

Several riders had recently left the team, moving on to senior teams, giving new riders the opportunity to join the team. We met a group of these young, motivated riders during a Christmas Eve-like moment as they saw their new race machines for the first time.

Behind the scenes in international elite cycling

2021 was the first season in what will hopefully become an ongoing collaboration between Team Roskilde Junior and Argon 18. Although it was, of course, a season characterized by COVID-19 and shutdowns in Europe, which unfortunately limited the riders’ opportunities to show off their talents in international races.

We took the opportunity in this very strange year to go behind the scenes with the team and get insight into what it takes to succeed at this level: always trying to stand out and be noticed, in order to secure a contract with one of the big senior teams when it’s time to move on from Team Roskilde Junior.

We were with three riders on a hard winter training session on the gravel roads south of Copenhagen on a harsh and cold winter day in February:

Later, when the Tour of Flanders was canceled, we met a bunch of riders for a team training session with rainy intervals in South Zealand:

Eventually, Europe gradually opened up and we could join the team for the Danish Championships in Give. While the tough day shattered some dreams, it ended with a celebration of Kristian Egholm’s second-place finish.

Hopefully, 2022 will give the riders better opportunities to race in Europe. We’ll keep our fingers crossed as we look forward to following the team for another season - on the way to the peak of international cycling.