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BLOG LIST story 2020/12/22, 07:12

Passion Has No Age - Subito neutralizes the physical difference

We all know the feeling of being passionate about something. No matter what your passion is about: cycling, car racing, or whatever … A feeling so intense that you just want to hold on to it every day. All year-round. Forever.  

Passion is a feeling all cycling enthusiasts can recognize. In many ways an overwhelming feeling that turns our hobby into a way of life.  

Driven by the rides on, where you can distance yourself from everyday stress and focus on what you really like: riding your bike with a good friend who shares your passion for physical challenges and competition with and against each other. 

The passion and desire to challenge yourself do not evaporate with age. It may even become bigger as the body's physical capacity decreases. You want to stop time and continue to live out your passion, as you have always done it, side by side with your cycling buddy. Continue to compete, feeling the speed, the flow, and the fatigue in the body after 3 hours in the saddle. You do not want to fall behind on the hills. To be dropped in the crosswind. To take a shortcut home because you cannot follow the group. 

You do not want to step down - because passion has no age. 

Subito neutralizes the physical difference

Subito is the choice, when you want to push yourself the extra miles and distance your buddy towards the top. An electric bike that feels like a thoroughbred-racing bike. Subito allows you to follow your passion, regardless of age. 

Step up. Challenge yourself throughout your life. Passion has no age.