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BLOG LIST story 2021/05/05, 10:05

Rasmus Lund is aero optimizing on E-118 Tri+ Disc Before the Olympics

Meet Rasmus Lund. World Champion and ‘Årets Sportsnavn 2020’ in Denmark.

At the World Championships in Berlin 2020, Rasmus Lund became world champion in the 4,000-meter team pursuit together with Lasse Norman Hansen, Julius Johansen, and Frederik Rodenberg, and set three world records during the championships (the most recent in the time of 3.44,672 minutes). An achievement so eminent that the four riders were chosen as ‘Årets Sportsnavn 2020’ - a very recognized sports award in Denmark

Optimizing the Aero Position on E-118 Tri+ Disc

Rasmus Lund is part of the team that will compete for the gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Preparations are well underway, and Rasmus tells us, that the form is getting better and better, and that the team are riding fast in training in Ballerup Super Arena, where the national team has been gathered recently.

A part of Rasmus Lund’s preparation is to get used to the position he has on his Argon 18 Electron Pro track bike and to perform optimally in this very aerodynamic position.  In the next couple of months, leading up to the Olympics, Rasmus will train on his new E-118 Tri + Disc - our lightning-fast, UCI-approved TT bike, which has been fitted exactly like his track bike, so he can get used to the position.

We are proud of being able to help Rasmus and the rest of the Danish national track team and we are looking forward to seeing them in action in Tokyo.

Photos: Peter Ebro / Argon 18