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BLOG LIST story 2021/02/24, 12:02

Team Roskilde Jr | Wintertime

The young talents from Team NPV - Carl Ras Roskilde Junior are in these weeks preparing for the spring classics; Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, that are waiting just around the corner.

Long and hard training. On both road and gravel. No matter the weather. Building up stamina and mind, to overcome the suffering on the cobblestone pavés of Flanders.

Dreaming of accomplishing a “Mads P” win

Lucas Schrøder is ambitious and dreaming big. He won the white youth jersey in the Danish UNO-X Junior Cup in 2020, as the best first-year junior. Now he is dreaming of one day accomplishing a “Mads P” win – becoming World Cycling Champion.

Maybe not unrealistic at all. Former Mads Pedersen, World Champion in 2019, actually rode on Team Roskilde Jr. back in the days ...

The dream is alive. The first goal is the podium in Flanders.

Meet Lucas.