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BLOG LIST story 2020/09/01, 12:09

Tempo Training Tuesday

When Covid-19 has set pretty much everything on hold, including competitions all over the world - how does one stay motivated on the road back to normal? In Norway, riders are competing against themselves and each other in simple underground-like events called ‘Tempo Training Tuesday’ and ‘Hilly TT Thursday’. This is their #RoadToNormal. Hans Christian Tungesvik has participated several times for the sake of the good training and tells about the concept in the following. 

Pure pain and suffering fueled by endorphins

What is Tempo Training Tuesday, you ask? It’s the highlight of the week for quite a lot of bike and triathlon enthusiasts in the Vestfold-area, South West of Oslo in Norway. Well, in some weird way, it’s the highlight they dread the most. They dread the pain and the suffering, while the highlight consists of endorphins, ice cream and bragging right post race. All the fun is organized by Mr. Argon 18 Norway himself, Marius Nordby. 

As the name implies, the TTT is a tempo session which takes place every Tuesday at 6pm. It’s an individual time trial of 21.96km, enclosing lake Goksjø outside Sandefjord. The official Strava segment “Goksjø Rundt TT-T” reveals all the details. The segment has been attacked by 222 riders on the hunt for PRs, QOMs and KOMs. World Class TT specialist Iver Knotten has set the bar at 49.5 kph average with a time of 26:37 – beat that.

Not to mention the ones who takes time to enjoy the beautiful areas around the course, with 2h 40m of enjoyment. As you can tell, TTT is for everyone. After four years of experience, the organization knows exactly how to make this a weekly monument through the summer. 

Digging deep on Vindfjellbakken

To accommodate the riders who prefer defying gravity, an additional race format has been established with Hilly TT Thursday. 2.89km of climbing with an average gradient of 7% up Vindfjellbakken. This is just as prestigious, low threshold and social as the Tuesday ride. From time to time, there’s even a photographer hiding in the bushes to capture your pain face in action. Free of charge, you can set it as your FB profile picture, for the world to see how deep you we’re digging. 

All required information for both sessions is continuously posted in the public FB group “Tempo Trening Tirsdag”. This has been particularly important in these strange times. In order to follow the national guidelines for social distancing, the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have been held as virtual races, where you were required to complete the segment at a given time during the relevant day, to avoid social interaction with others. Just as good a training session, only a bit less fun. Luckily, we are slowly getting back to the social format we all fell in love with. 

Join the Ride

Interested in joining? Find all info in the Facebook group, tune in your race equipment, and go ALL OUT! It’s gonna hurt, but it’s the only way to get that Strava PR you’ve been dreaming of.

Up for a challenge? Give the segments a go!

Tempo Traning Tuesday - Strava Route

Hilly TT Thursday - Strava Route