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BLOG LIST story 2020/06/24, 11:06

Valentin Böckler / Road to Normal

Valentin Böckler is originally a professional windsurfer from Germany who found his passion for triathlon races two years ago. Since then he’s motivated to put as much passion into triathlons as he did put into traveling and windsurfing for the past 10 years. Covid-19 changed his plans – but not his vision. 


Q: You’re originally from Windsurfing – what is it that makes windsurfing so special for you?

A: I started windsurfing already when I was 6 years old, so it’s kind of a life passion that never died. On top, I had the opportunity to get into professional windsurfing which was and still is definitely one of the best experiences in my life. The windsurf sport made me the way who I am now! 

Q: How did you get into triathlon?

A: During Christmas, my uncle asked me if I wanted to participate in a short distance triathlon… We had a little wine before and of course, I said „yes“ ;-)

In July 2018 I did my first triathlon in Hamburg and straight ended up in the Top 20 of more than 200 competitors of my age group. It hooked me up straight away! From there on I competed in few more short-distance triathlons in Germany and also Locarno.

Q: What did change for you during the Covid-19 restrictions both in Windsurfing and Triathlon?

A: Actually all competitions and events are postponed or already canceled for this year, that’s a bummer but I’m happy to be able to do sports outside during this situation. A lot of friends in Italy we stuck in their houses for nearly 3 months - so I’m quite happy to live in northern Germany where I was always able to surf but also train for my IM70.3 which is also postponed to end of October on Mallorca. 

Q: What did you do to keep focus and stay motivated?

A: I need challenges! So I’m happy that I registered for my first IM70.3 - which was postponed from May to the end of October. My goal is to be 180% in form for this challenge!

This is my motivation for sure ;-) 

Q: What does your #RoadToNormal look like?

A: At the beginning of Covid-19 I kept running according to my training plan. But we also had so much wind during this period which allowed me to windsurf often. So between all the windsurf sessions I do a lot of cycling & running intervals and now it’s warm enough so we’re able to swim in our lakes again. Hello summer! 

Q: What are you looking most forward to afthe the pandemic?

A: To compete again!