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Team Vorarlberg Santic


Team Vorarlberg Santic is a cycling team based in Austria. The team was founded in 1999 by twin brothers Thomas og Johannes Kofler. 

The team consists of a variety of riders, whom has all contributed with bringing Team Vorarlberg Santic on the map! Their philosophy is built around the intense experience, in which cycling provides, reaching own goals and testing limits, in order to succeed as a team: 

"Cycling is teamwork. And as a team, we not only conquer race stages, but also our own limits. In a bid to achieve a common goal, we seek out challenges in extreme ascents and the adversity of the elements – all just to keep re-discovering one thing: Raw emotion in the spectacular settings of all kinds of landscapes. There’s no question that we ride for success, but also, and most importantly, for an indescribably intense natural experience. That’s our idea of cycling at its best" - Team Vorarlberg Santic.


17 Victories
17 x 1st Place
Home win at GP Vorarlberg
1st Place
Overall victory in the Int. Oberösttereich Tour UCI 2.1
1st Place
2 stage wins in the 71 Int. Tour of Austria UCI 2.1
1st Place

Meet Team Vorarlberg Santic

Dominik Amann
Jack Burke
Daniel Federspiel
Daniel Geismayr
Alexis Guerin
Raphael Kockelmann
Maximilian Kuen
Lukas Meiler
Martin Meiler
Felix Meo
Davide Orrico
Johannes Schinnagel
Linus Stari
Colin Stüssi
Roland Thalmann